Sunday, July 22, 2012

2012 Sewing Project: July

I'm back-dating this post because I never gave this dress the attention it deserved. I made it for Clara's 1st Birthday party and was so overwhelmed by the day and the too-many-pictures that I never got around to a real "Dress of the Month" write up. So here it is. 3 months late.

But anyway, I love every single thing about this dress. CB's party was French themed, so when I found this fabric of an illustrated map of Paris I needed to own it. The bodice is lined with the names of all the streets in Paris. Perfection.

I found the Sweetheart Dress pattern where I find just about everything else, Pinterest. I vaguely remember thinking the lining was tricky but I could be wrong. It went wonderfully with her sparkly gold Tom's shoes. It was just the best-ever-birthday-dress imaginable. I was so so happy.

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