Friday, November 16, 2012

November: Sugarplum

I started this dress before Sandy. I had visions of a sweet buffalo plaid dress with 3/4 sleeves and and buttons down the back. I even drew up my own pattern, loosely using a Baby Gap dress as inspiration. I was all proud of myself, but then we had the storm and I had no power or internet for a week.

Then I picked the dress back up. And the flannel is so tricky to work with and doesn't stay put and sometimes pulls when I sew. It was all coming together so shapelessly and meh that I hated it and didn't want to finish.

Then I saw See Kate Sew's Sugarplum pattern and remembered I had some leftover mustard colored fabric from this dress and thought, "hmmm...."

So I mixed and matched and think it came out really cute. But it wasn't without its headaches.

First I had to disassemble the partially completed original dress. Then I realized I didn't quite have enough of the mustard to make the bodice, so the back lining piece is all pieced together. Then I sewed one of the sleeves on the wrong side. Seam rip. Then I sewed the skirt on inside-out. Seam rip. I had already decided to replace the shoulder ribbon with buttons, but once the sleeves and collar were attached it was really hard to get the buttonhole foot to work properly for a horizontal button hole (the horror!) so it looked awful. Seam rip. Then, once I finally tried the dress on Clara it was pretty wide, so I added the back tie. Phew!

And my husbands reaction to this sweet little thing? "Oh, great, we have a hipster." o.O

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