Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blushy Picnic Blouse

It seems that I get a lot more sewing done when my husband is on a travel role, probably for two reasons: #1 I am not spending my after-the-kids-go-to-bed time catching up on TV and movies with Nathan and #2 I don't seem to go to bed at a decent hour when I'm alone.

Although The Doctor has been cutting into my productivity.

ANYWAY. I started my to-sew list last night:

I always try to remember to sew a little something on the back of dresses and tops -- mostly for Nathan's benefit -- and was excited to find this heart trim at the bottom of a jar-o-notions. Makes the perfect tag!

Also #sorrynotsorry for a million pictures. I am still in awe of her level of cooperation.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Sewing a Preschoolers Wardrobe

Have I mentioned that not only has Clara turned 3 (three!) but she is starting preschool (preschool!) in the fall?

She got her big-girl-backpack for her birthday – in polka dot of course. And I am starting to stress about the fact that I haven't gotten her any new clothes in like. 8 months. Dresses in the summer are so easy but she's going to need pants and a few things with sleeves and has generally sized up so reusing last year's clothes is probably not going to work.

When dressing my girls I generally don't believe in having 2 wardrobes – "crappy play clothes" and "nice clothes." Kids get dirty. I am not spending time and money on crap. If nice things get dirty they get washed. If they get ruined oh well – kid clothes barely fit for a season anyway. So no, I am not going to put my child in WalMart Garanimals or whatevertheheck in fear of fingerpaint. 

Also not a huge fan of leggings. Unless under a tunic or something. But even then. I think leggings look like pajamas and am generally not a fan. On my kids or myself.

However, I have yet to muster the courage to sew pant-pants. I bought a pattern last year and and thinking about trying them but until then, GapKids skinny jeans it will be. And dresses. And skirts.

Aside from keeping my eyes peeled for Gap promos, I've put together a wishlist of items I'd like to sew. Especially from patterns I already own. And preferably using material I already have in my stash.

I'm loving the above pieces to sprinkle into Clara's preschool wardrobe. Top to bottom:

1. Oliver + S Sailboat Top/Tunic (I forgot I owned this. Whoops.)
2. Selvedge Designs Soleil Dress (I love both versions – I've already sewn one up for Elanor.)
3. Oliver + S Lazy Days Skirt. I'm planning on making an assortment. We'll see if it happens.
4. Oliver + S Picnic Blouse. A classic favorite – CB could use some in the next size.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Better-late-than-never 4th of July Sewing

I totally forgot to post about this a few weeks ago -- oooops

I had been swooning over the adorable red checked pinafores I saw on Instagram by Wren & James but seeing as I am a semi-okay sewist I couldn't justify the $65+shipping (x2!). I decided to make my own.

Clara's top is an Elegance & Elephants Ruffle Top – I bought the pattern a long long time ago and never made it. Which has been becoming a bad habit of mine. But the ruffle sleeves reminded me of the W&J version. I had to add the poms mostly because she asked and also because come on.

Full disclosure – it was supposed to be a dress but I eyeballed the length and was way off. She grows like a weed. but it worked out for the best since she's almost-3 and is constantly running/playing/showing too many people her underpants.

I actually drafted Elanor's dress based on a Baby Gap dress she happened to be wearing the day I bought the material. The red check (from Joanns) was so cheap and therefore so thin it lent itself well for this flowy dress. I again eyeballed the length and this time its a bit too long but oh well. That's what you get for sewing while your kids sleep.

And there you have it. Two tablecloth-looking dresses for the 4th of July and all the other summer BBQs of 2014 ;)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lullaby Layette Photo Overload

I think I mentioned when I first saw this pattern that it was the first purchase I had made full price + shipping on the internet like.. basically ever. Because only crazy people pay full price + shipping. But I needed to own this and I wanted the physical in-my-hands paper version and I needed it rightnow.

I have since sewn a few body suits and a long sleeved top for Elanor (a nice, light, thin long-sleeved top is so nice to have for little babies in the summer). I am always impressed with myself (or should I say with Lisel's patterns & instructions) as I sew O+S patterns and find myself petting and smiling at my professional-looking work as I go like an insane person.


I have quite a few pregnant friends at the moment (does that mean I'm getting old? That I almost always know someone who is on-purpose pregnant?) however most of them are not finding out what they're having, which is of course inconvenient for me. hahahah

BUT. Nathan's cousin knows she is having a girl so I ordered some Palos Verde Voile, which I have been coveting, in addition to some Lattice Eyelet, which in reality should be lined but it's for a little baby so I think it'll be fine.

I had to throw in half a yard for my own selfish sewing purposes. I made Elanor the View B, sleeveless, and could not be happier with how it came out. 

What a perfect little top, right? I'll post the other two as I finish them.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Inspire Me! I miss sewing.

I've been getting sort of sad lately because I haven't been sewing and I think it's because #1 I hate my sewing space (aka dining room table) and #2 I'm feeling constantly obligated to be working on custom blanket orders (though that has slowed down since the Brickyard Buffalo sale is all done. Phew.)

Also I don't want to be buying more fabric before I go through most of what I've got already.

Let's get inspired:

I love the lightness of the voile used for this Geranium Dress. But again. Not buying more fabric.

Part of me just wants to sew up half a dozen easy peasant tops in bright colors. As much as I love little girls in play dresses it is more practical for her to be in shorts and a top when playing outside (hot slides + bare legs = ouch) I've had these CINO tops pinned for awhile -- I love the elastic detail on the sleeves. Baby Ellie could use a few, too.

I don't think I have to go into my eternal love for Oliver + S again but this Lazy Days skirt is one (free!) pattern I've been meaning to try but not feeling like printing out (feeling too *lazy* for the *lazy days* harhar. I think I am in need of wine.)

And speaking of O+S, they are now carrying some gorgeous for-me pattern designers like the Named Clothing Leini Dress above. I want to buy yards and yards of voile and make myself like a dozen. If only I wasn't terrified of sewing for myself. This is really a gorgeous one. Soon. Maybe. Soon.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Elanor Rose – 6 months

Hard to believe half a year has already gone by – here's how Baby Ellie is doing:

She really needs to catch up on brewery visits.. I think Clara is at about 58 or so.. ;)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Monday, May 5, 2014


I've already talked about how awesome it is that you can make clothes for babies with practically no fabric and this is just another example of why you should never throw out fabric scraps:

Clara's top is a pattern by CINO (remember? we talked about it here.) And Elanor's is a Flashback Skinny Tee.

..and the fabric is Briar Rose Strawberry in Orange. And I am obsessed with it. I want more colors.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy Late Easter!

Better late than never:

Clara wore a Playtime Dress in a pretty fabric that I cannot remember what it's called.

The top button is a sweet little bunny, keeping with the festive theme ;)

She was slightly terrified by the thought of the Easter Bunny being inside her house. Even if he did leave treats and presents. (by treats and presents I mean some m&ms, jelly beans, and candyland.) Hi Uncle Ty!

She eventually warmed up to the idea. And she's little enough that the Easter Egg Hunt can last forever but just swiping the eggs from her basket when she's not looking and re-hiding them.

Look at that baby.

Obligatory sibling pic. Elanor is also in a me-made, hand-me-down from Clara's first Easter.

Attempt at a family pic. 

Not bad for having gone to sunrise service! Lookin' pretty good!